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Posted by admin on November - 9 - 2012

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The Western Balkans Veterinary Network (WBVN) works to improve animal welfare at all stages of the food production process, as well as promoting responsible pet ownership, tackling stray dog problems, and encouraging methods that avoid or replace the use of animals in research.

The network will help countries in the Western Balkans and Turkey carry out EU animal welfare laws, as well as share key developments and resources in animal health and welfare.

This is a unique platform for the advancement of animal welfare, placing the wellbeing of animals at the heart of the veterinary profession, public health, industry, academic and research sectors.

Working together

WBVN relies on partners working together, and was set up by the RSPCA and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Skopje, Macedonia. Other partners include: The Federation of Veterinarians of Europe, Welfare Quality, IRTA-Spain, BOKU-Austria.


The network combines the research capabilities of seven major universities in the Western Balkans and Turkey with leading animal welfare research centres in western Europe. One of the network’s core aims is to initiate and develop research in the field of animal welfare.

Training and education

WBVN delivers a large programme of training and education in the Western Balkans and Turkey, including:

-       professional training on the welfare of animals in the food chain

-       research animal seminars to share EU regulations

-       alternative methods in veterinary education, including devising a new teaching method of endoscopy

-       Welfare Outcome Assessment (WOA) – assessing farm animals for their health, physical condition and behaviour

-       dog catching and handling workshops

-       workshops on the welfare of poultry farming, from production and processing to slaughter, farm and abattoir welfare assessment.

What you can do

If you are interested in becoming a partner, get in touch. Or to donate to help our work, contact RSPCA International

Find out more about the work of WBVN in the areas of Research Animals, Farm Animals, and Companion Animals.

Keep in touch with our work by following WBVN on Twitter, liking our Facebook page or contacting us directly.

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